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The Issue



The function that makes life, as we know it, possible. Although periods are a sign of a healthy woman, for many they are also the cause of major economic set back.

Did You Know?

88% of women and girls do not have access to proper menstrual health products

Did You Know?

A girl absent from school due to menses for 4 days a month loses the equivalent of 2 weeks of  learning in every school term. In one year, a girl loses 39 learning days, the equivalent to 6 weeks of learning time.

RBA (2011), Financial Sector Regulators put smiles on girls’ faces by distributing free reusable sanitary towels to two Kwale schools

Our mission is to give women and girls the tools and knowledge they need to understand how powerful they are! The Oyana International Women’s Health and Empowerment Curriculum looks to not only educate, but to enable women to reach their full potential.

Leah Ellis, Founder and Executive Director 

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