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Approach and Programs

Our Goal

At Oyana International, we are working to dismantle the physical, social, and economic disparities caused by menstrual taboos through education and community engagement in Tanzania.

Oyana International, Inc.

What We Do 

Our Mission



Oyana International has partnered with women’s groups who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, in order to create a sustainable business program to produce our Period Power Packs. This creates economic independence for local women in order to care for their families, and create businesses that lift up their entire communities.



Oyana International ‘Period Power Packs’ are then distributed to local schools, orphanages, and tribal villages in order to provide a free and environmentally safe alternative to expensive disposable menstrual products.



Each distribution is coupled with our “Oyana International Women’s Health and Empowerment” curriculum. This includes a 45 minute lesson with two main components. Please see below for more details. 



We have grown to see that, although it is very important to educate communities regarding menstrual health, we feel compelled to highlight that we are MORE than our biology. Our improved curriculum represents this change, and strives to promote the uplifting of communities through a cruicial focus on women empowerment.

Period Power Packs

6 Cotton Inserts

2 Shields
1 Bar Soap
2 Underwear
2 Plastic Bags (To Store and Wash Items)

Oyana International Menstrual Tracking Calendar

During distributions, women will be instructed on the proper cleaning and care of their kits in order for them to last a full year!

Each Period Pack costs $8.00 USD and provides one woman or girl with protection for +1 year!

Oyana International provides a multifaceted solution by creating a sustainable business program for the women of LISCO in order to provide local women with the products they need to continue their education, provide for their families, and uplift their community.



Each distribution is coupled by the Ohana International Women’s Health and Empowerment curriculum.

Our Lesson Has Two Main Focuses: 

Health Education 

Highlights essential components of female biology as it relates to menstruation and reproduction, while including important facts regarding consent, delaying pregnancy to an appropriate age, and reproductive taboos in a Tanzanian cultural context 

Women's Empowerment

Facilitate exercises and conversations regarding implementing personal goals to affect positive change in their communities. In this section, we highlight and explore the link between menstrual disparity and education, healthcare, economic empowerment, and representation in decision making.

Schools and tribal villages of Tanzania often lack sufficient sanitation and trash disposal, which is vital to a woman caring for her period.

This causes an environmental strain when store bought pads are not properly disposed of.

Oyana International Period Packs provide a non-toxic and eco friendly solution by providing reusable cotton based pads that may be used for +1 Year!

Did You Know?

"Disposable period products contain pesticide residue, which ends up contaminating groundwater supply, and dioxins which contaminate the soil and hurts entire ecosystems"  

-Bolen, “Are Disposable Pads.”

This reduces the environmental strain along with the pressure these women face with limited sanitation resources.
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