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Oyana International currently serves schools, orphanages, and tribal villages in the area surrounding Arusha, Tanzania 

How We Focus on Sustainable Development Goals

Our Progress

To date, Oyana International has distributed over 500 Period Power Packs to the women and girls of Tanzania

Sustainable Development Goals

Goals We Focus On:
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Through the kindness of our donors, Oyana International provides a sustainable business opportunity for women through production of our ‘Period Packs’ which allows them to take control of their own finances and therefore, reduces inequalities in the home and community.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.


Our volunteers administer the ‘Oyana International Women’s Health and Empowerment’ lesson plan in order to spread positive and accurate information regarding reproductive health, consent, and the reinforcement of the power these women hold in their communities.

Most importantly, our Period Packs allow local girls to continue their schooling without the worry of cost or lack of waste disposal.

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Period Packs provide a non toxic healthy solution to women and girls using household items, which can often cause infection, during menstruation.

Our products also provide an alternative to disposable menstrual products which contain pesticide residue that ends up contaminating groundwater supply, and dioxins that contaminate the soil and hurts the entire ecosystems (Bolen, “Are Disposable Pads.”)

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